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I usually sell stuff I am bored with on eBay... But I usually spend the proceeds on more clothes!

New here, hello all.  Regarding freebies in my community (and probably yours), we  have a few churches and a city organization that offers free clothing and household goods once a month.  I saw ads in a few local newsletters about these and decided to check them out and was glad I did.  I  felt a bit self-conscious as I was not truly in need but took bags of nice clothing I no longer needed.  I was welcomed to take whatever I wanted and encouraged to return to all of these places.  One place I visit restricts you to one large bag per month that you sign for.  I've "traded" some nice things for clothing that had not even been worn (got a nice London Fog coat never worn!), and it's been well worth it.  My niece has found some nice things for her boys and in turn takes things they've outgrown.  The trading thing is a great idea.

I know about Consignment shops but I never thought about " trading"  that is a  GREAT CONCEPTION.  That is if your friend Lets you  LOL

Swapping clothes is a neat thing for adults, too. When I was a member of Curves gym in Florida, the owner had us bring  in clothes that were too large for us. We could then take stuff that was our new size. At the end of a set time period, she donated all the remaining clothes to Goodwill.

One time, my friend and I were dieting and we swapped clothes -- stuff one of us couldn't wear anymore that now fit the other person. It was a frugal way to get a new wardrobe for work!

Get together with friends a couple of times a year for a "clothes swap" party.  I've been to one, and it was great fun and I came home with 2 new outfits plus some extra tees.  The "hostess" made a fun party out of it, everyone brought a snack or dessert to share.

At the time, I thought it might be fun to add a "samples" swap or make a door prize using a recycled basket and having everyone bring in their sample-sizes that were lurking around in the cupboards at home.

Also great to do if you can find enough moms with kids of a variety of ages.  Toy swaps are also good and cheap!

Carrying on the theme, you could do movie swap parties, book swaps, etc. etc.


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