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WOW!  Thanks for that idea!  My hubby is organizing the garage this weekend.

Enough! With those cramped tool boxes. I went to Big Lots and bought $4 stackable "vegetable" type bins. I stacked them 8 high and for stability hooked the top 4 bins to the studs with four eye-hooks screwed into the studs with nylon wire zip-ties through the back of the bins & eye-hooks. This takes up only about 1 foot square of my precious floor space. I a list of the tools in each bin and attached the list to the side. No more rummaging around in drawers or a cramped toolbox when I need a screwdriver or my duct tape. I am going to organize my craft supplies the same way. This would also work well for toys, but don't stack them so high in a child's room. The bins are super sturdy and hold lots of heavy tools!


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