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Soil Sterilent??

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Thank you for your input!

A plant expert in our neighborhood recommends simply pouring boiling water on the unwanted plants.  Cheap, simple, no chemicals.

Thank you!  I appreciate your reply and I'll give it a try.

I have used salt.  Found a 5 lb. box at the grocery and sprinkled it in an area by the stoop at the garage door where we place the trash can on mulch.  We kept having a tenacious plant grow there (I don't consider any plant a weed - they all have a purpose).  It was used two years ago and there's still nothing growing there.  We have since tried using it on the gravel driveway and it has worked well again.  You just have to be sure its not going to wash into an area where you DO want to grow plants.

I am not aware of something to put in the soil to stop the weeds, but I use vinegar and spray the spots where I don't want them to grow.  You can also line your flower beds with newspaper to help deter the weeds.


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