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I made one of those little eye pillows stuffed with lavendar & flax seeds.  It helps for sleep and headaches.

MELATONIN tablets work the best for me to help me get to sleep and to sleep through the night. Melatonin is made by your body naturally when your eyes notice the sun going down and the natural light darkening. Since we use artificial light these days, that's one of many reasons we don't get enough melatonin. There have been many studies that also show that Melatonin helps us to age slower. Once in a while, if I really have a hard time sleeping, I take Generic Benadryl. This is the ingredient in all the P.M. over the counter meds. (Like Tylenol PM, and why take the Tylenol, etc., if you only want to sleep) Benadryl works by shrinking the blood vessels in your brain, nose and to the placenta if your pregnant. So don't take it often as it can make you forgetful until you stop taking it (happened to my Ex) But in a pinch it works wonders. Also the less often you take Melatonin the better it works, you can develop a "tolerance" like you can to many meds. And some brands are far superior to others. Calcium works wonders also, I used only Calcium to help me sleep when I was pregnant. (Tums are made from Calcium)

I never did find it but I have found outher stuff that has been helpful

Reg excercise, Resoril sleep aid from your doctor

sublingual B-12

Small meals at night


did u ever find out what the EXACT oil was???

I don't know what your friend gave you, but you might consult with a homeopath or go to a health food store. They may be able to suggest appropriate remedies, herbs, or supplements for you.



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