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subsapplesute dishwasher detergent???

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This was suggested by a friend of mine:

I got tired of feeling and tasting the residue from the dishwasher detergent on the dishes. I decided to put detergent in the prewash section only. I have been satisfied with the results.  The dishes are clean about 99.99% if the time with no pre-rinsing and I don't feel a residue.  This is not as good as a natural dishwasher cleaner, but it did reduce the amount of residue. [and would reduce the cost]  Glenda

I would also try the borax (you've got me thinking, next time I run mine I'll try it out as well).  Let us know how it works out if you get to it first!  Thanks!

When you said "Baking Soda" I immediately thought white vinegar.  I never tried it, but, my great grandmother used it for practically everything.

The only concern I would have is the sanitary issue, but I wonder how much is covered in the stuff you buy.  Isn't the hot water supposed to be the sanitizing component?  Best way to find out whether the baking soda or borax works is to give it a try.  Hoping somebody will do so and post the results.  I don't know what they would do to glasses since there's a factor in powders to keep them from becoming cloudy.

I was wondering if this has been tried yet. If it has
been, did it work? I'm moving soon to a house with a dishwasher. Up to now, I've been the dishwasher. So
I'm looking forward to this, but still want to remain
my frugal savvy self. Appreciate the input. - V


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