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Foul Odor coming from air conditioning floor vent

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There are companies that will clean your ducts out as I do know they can collect lots of dust. The dust could get damp and cause mold which could cause the odors. You also should check that your air filter is clean and that the coils in the furnace are clean.

Hi, has any solution been found for this? We have this same exact issue.  Thanks!

My daughter had the same sort of problem, but her vents are in the ceilings, so we knew the kids or cats could not have put anything 'down' them! She did think that a squirrel or some sort of critter may have come in thru the attic and died in a vent. It got bad enough they called the A/C company out but he didn't find anything. He finally determined that it was the smell that comes from it not being used since last summer. We were not quite sure, but it finally dissipated after about another week. Her unit is in the attic and hard to clean without making a mess. My old house had the unit where I could get to it, and I sprayed the coils with bleach/water solution every spring, and flushed it through the lines. It still had a slight musty odor the very first time, but otherwise it did quite well.
Good luck with it, anyway!

WE just had to replace the the ducts that went to the one in our bathroom and a bedroom....I discovered that our cat was urinating down way to get them clean.

Seems like it depends on what it is as far as what to do about it.  Maybe you've got pets that added something to the vents, or children that thought it would be a cool thing to try out for an open pit potty -- maybe with a pioneer spirit in mind :-)

Seems like you could pour some enzyme solution down there to hit or miss but if you get it too wet, you'll have mold problems also.

There are people who come and clean out the air vents, but they do have a fee that would not be fun to pay.

That's a tough one --- you can't stick something down there to see if you hit anything to find out what it is?  or maybe a hanger or wire hooked to pull anything back up?

Good luck!  :-)


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