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I have tried a combination of tea tree oil (antiseptic, and fresh smelling) combined with rubbing alcohol and a drop of liquid detergent, mixed in my last commercial shower-spray bottle for easy application, and so far it has worked pretty well.  The tea tree oil is expensive, but you only need a couple of drops, since it's so concentrated.  Might be worth a try.....

Sharon Conway:

There are a couple of suggestions I have.  One is to use vinegar.  The odor will disappear as it dries.  It is an anti-fungal.  I used to have mold on the bottom of my shower mat.  Since I have started using vinegar to rinse my hair (instead of conditioner which builds up) and also a rinse for my body the mold has not come back.   Also, I use TKO orange (a natural cleaner) for most of my cleaning.  You can clean anything but plexiglass with it. I do not sell it!!  I have found it to be a great cleaner with a clean scent.  So many cleaners have cancer causing chemicals and many make me sick to smell. I am trying to stay away from all chemicals that I can.  If you need a bit of scouring you can use baking soda.  It is also good for odors.   I put baking soda and vinegar in my drains to keep them free flowing.  Vinegar will take off hard water deposits.  I put cotton around my faucets and soak with vinegar.  When I come back a bit later--I can wipe the mineral deposits off with no problem.

Sharon Pickett:
I am a severe Asthmatic on oxygen 24 hours daily.  I try to do most of my own cleaning and find alternatives to strong cleaners.  For the shower, I use BOUNCE fabric softener sheets.  We have VERY hard water and I actually just wet the Bounce sheet and wipe down the shower.  I was amazed how easily it removes the soap scum and smells wonderful in the process. You will feel when you need to replace the sheet.  Then just spray it down and squeege it off.    I was going to push bounce sheets in a spray bottle and spray after every shower.  But have not tried that yet.    Good luck  :)

I don't have a recipe, but my suggestion is to stop using bar soap. That is what is causing the soap scum. Ever since I switched to shower gels I don't have the soap scum buildup anymore.

does anyone know of a recipe/alternative for a daily shower spray -- the kind that you just spray on the walls & door after each shower?  i've tried the commercial ones and they are so expensive to use everyday. not to mention they make my throat feel scratchy, and i haven't really noticed the shower staying clean.  that soap scum is so stubborn & i hate to use harsh bleachy stuff on it.  thanks for any ideas!!



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