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The best commercial cleaning product I have ever used to clean not only my shower, but the entire bathroom.... Windex.  It cleans everything!  You don't necessarily need to by the brand name.  I am a die-heart Dollar General Store shopper and their brand is just as great.

Vinegar is an excellent all purpose cleaner. It's inexpensive and it cleans almost anything. I bet it'll make your shower shine!


In a spray bottle, I mix half water and half vinegar, and spray it on the shower walls after every shower, to prevent soap scum buildup. It keeps my shower looking really clean, and the chrome fixtures really shiny. I wipe down the fixtures after I spray the vinegar and water on, as well as around the tub; it would probably be a good idea to wipe down the walls as well, but I am too lazy!

I am an avid dollar store shopper and I use the dollar store brand. It works just as well and get this-costs only a $1. ;D The dollar store also carries a cleaner called Awesome. I don't know what's in it but for most things it is truly awesome, and of course only costs $1.

Haley's Hints suggests the following:

1 cup ammonia
1 cup vinegar
1/2 cup washing soda

Mix the ingredients in a bucket of warm water and scrub with a sponge.


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