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cleaning lava rock on house


I assume a pressure-washer might help you. My Father used one from Sears on his pressure-treated wooden deck and made it go from OLD BROWN to just like new color, so ............ try, try and try, maybe you will be happy, or ......... get a sand-blaster/bead-blaster (poorman'z version is air-compressor or tire pump ?) and use walnut shells or ??? ask expert at ? motorcycle shop or a nice OLD farmer. I like to leach helpFULL info from expert'z. My Father KNOW'z SOOO much ......... I quit. He told the VIP Auto Manager to call the Cop'z because he refused to pay for a wheel-bearing adjustment when he went in for a tire alignment ...... because he KNEW from experience that the FIRST thing a proper mechanic does when doing a wheel alignment iz to check and adjust the wheel bearing. He think'z NEW ball-bearing'z come TOOO loose.

  I have searched the net every way I could think of and have found nothing.  Does anyone know what to use to get hard water deposits off lava rock that is on the outside of my house?  


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