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Color Business Cards - Free, only pay shipping


Thanks for all of the information.  Business cards are a great way to present yourself and what you stand for. Color business cards are a great way to gain attention and are, quite frankly, better to look at.  I order my business cards from http://www.zimmzang.com. Try it out.

Thanks again for the community contribution in relating to business cards!  ;D

We took advantage of this card offer when we moved from one state to another.
As we met up with people before the move, we handed them our "new" information that we had printed on the card. As we met new people we handed cards to them too. It has our new address, cell #'s and house tel # as well as e-mails. They were
also very handy when my daughter started hee new school, I gave one to the principal, vice-principal and her new teacher.

The "free" cards do have a VISTA advertisment on the back, but when someone tells
what a great idea it is to have these to hand out, I point out the info on the back to
them so they can have cards printed too.

It has been well worth paying the shipping costs.

I use vista print all the time.  They're great.  I think I'm on my 5th set of free business cards.

I got these because I was starting up a local internet consulting business. It is free with only shipping for 250 full-color cards.


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