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Older dogs with knee arthritis

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EFA's essential fatty acids.  Sounds like you have a good supplement program in place.  How about a grain free diet?  Grains really aggravate inflammation and dogs often do much better with no grains in their diet when they have arthritis.  Keeping your dog at a good weight to ease the joints too.

Thanks for the advice.  My vet has said it is arthritis. I am presently giving her fish oil and flax seed oil, along with Cosequin (glucosamine and condrotin) and MSM. What else do yo recommend?  What are EFAs?  

You probably would want to get a diagnosis from your vet to confirm what the issue could be anything from arthritis to a torn ligament or any number of things.  If it is arthritis, you could use some good supplements and add EFA's and definitely Omega 3's.

I have a 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier with a collapsing right knee which I presume is from arthritis.  Has anyone had any experience with this and is there a solution or at least a way to lessen the "collapsing."


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