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First, I apologize for not posting this prior to the holidays, but that is when I discovered this. I had more packages to mail than I did boxes for them. And it seemed that good sturdy boxes were way too emblazened with graphics or printing. So I took these boxes apart and using the same folds, reconstructed them "inside-out" therefore putting the clean side out and ready for addressing. You can use regular white glue, since you are glueing paper product, but to speed things up, I used an extra tacky glue. The shipping tape then gave it further support anyway. Through the year, I'll simply take apart boxes that I may use next year and reconstruct them as needed. Best part is - I won't have to BUY any (hopefully).

I also use real popcorn in plastic bags for filler. But only as needed, as shipping costs also take into account, the size of the package.


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