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Blind slats - uses for them?

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  What great ideas!  Here are some more:  You can take marking pens of different colors and mark what you need to say on them and glue them on the walls of our kitchen with bright, cheery sayings.  Have a  DOG HOUSE,  Mark the dog's name on it and glue it to his dog house.  Tape with clear tape and mark for sugar, flour, etc on the canisters.  Things like that!

 ::)  A few years back, I watched a crafting show on TV. Aileen's.  Her daughter used these blind slats to make flowers.  You can trace a pattern on the slat and cut them in the shape of petals. Then they can be painted.  Don't remember how she put them together, but I may have the directions somewhere here.

They could be used instead of wooden dowels when making roman shades, too.

I love it! I now have so many ideas of how to cut and decorate them, that I can't wait to get started. I have a craft party for my daughter coming up this spring, plenty of slats to practice on first and still have enough for them to use!

But I'm always open to more ideas. Thank you so much!

How about use them for plant stakes or cut them to length and use them for plant identifiers in your garden?  Would be easy if they are light color, to use a marker to write the plant name.


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