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Good Information.  Thanks.  By the way if any of you own a home or at least 2 vehicles most good companies will give you a better rate if you combine insurance policies.  Also ask what is the difference in
price for different types of coverage. IE:$250.00 deductible verses a $500.00 or $1,000.00  and $10,000.00 vs $25,000.00 coverage excetra.

Yep, that's what Progressive advertises! However, in the
REAL world, they are HIGH. At least, for our cars they were.
I suppose rates vary, depending on what state or metro
area you live in.   ;D

It's sort of like several of the life insurance companies who
advertise that you'll get the lowest rate if you check their
Internet site. About a year ago I checked several of these
so-called 'cheap sites' and found they were all too high. I
found out one's almost impossible to get the cheap rates they advertise in their TV ads unless you have NEVER been to the doctor and are in PERFECT health.      ::)

Well, getting back to the original subject...Car Insurance.
I did find a drawback for those of you looking for CHEAP
car insurance. Electric Insurance(GE) does NOT have local
agents. That's how they save you money. You deal with
them over toll-free phone numbers or the Internet. Some
of you might NOT like that. A big PLUS though....they write
their policies for a 12 month period, NOT 6 months. And,
they let you make about 4 or 5 payments, so you don't
have to cough up a lump sum all at once.    :D

sjgomes: will give you their quote plus six other companies at the same time to prove they are cheaper.

Thanks. I will check out those sites.

Try getting quotes from
Electric Insurance(GE)

and AIG Insurance

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

                   Bill R.


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