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Iron Caused Odd Carpet Stains


I am suspecting that the heat from the iron may have deformed the strands of the carpet so that it looks different.  We have had a situation where someone dropped a hot iron onto a carpet and although we picked it up quickly it left a slightly dark mark where the iron had been due to the carpet melting the strands of the carpet slightly.  Perhaps you could pay someone to clean the whole carpet with steam. (there are professionals that use steam)  Maybe then the marks would disappear.

I attempted to remove the indentations left by my furniture with a steam iron and water.  I was able to remove the indentations, but now there are stains in every spot that I used the iron.  They look like wet spots, but are dry to the touch.  I don't know what they could be or how to remove them without making more of a mess.  Could the steam have released some past chemical in the carpet?  Help?!
Thank you.


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