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Rebecca Hernandez:

I read somewhere that Murphys Oil Soap is good for fleas or if dogs have dry skin, it a vegetable base so its won't hurt them.  You will need to treat the house, yard and the pets like some of the other readers said.  Also garlic and vinegar is good to help keep fleas off. ;)

I know it's not non-toxic, in most people's definition, but we use Frontline Plus on our dog.  I intially bought it from the vet, but after seeing the 1800PetMeds ads I thought I'd check their prices.  They were higher than the vet.  After some searching, I found Drs. Foster and Smith on the web, and ordered from them at about 2/3's the cost.  I've recently found that I can get it for about half the retail cost by ordering it off of eBay.

Forum Admin:
We have a pet shampoo that was tested by The Carroll-Loye Biological Research center they found that Paw Paw Shampoo was effective in removing common cat and dog  fleas.

In shampoo tests on dogs, it had a 100 percent success rate on dog fleas after 10 minutes.And it's proven safe for animals.Treat your dogs and cats to the power of Paw Paw.

In vitro tests showed that exposure to NSP Paw Paw Shampoo removed 99 percent of the cat fleas within 10 minutes and 100 percent within 15 minutes of exposure.

You can read and/or purchase here

Randal J. Watkins


--- Quote ---My two dogs have fleas. I recently moved to OR from AZ and so have no expereince with this. Any non toxic ideas to help me relieve their problem and cleanse my environment? I'd love to sprinkle the apartment ankle deep in lavendar or something...
--- End quote ---

I read on the internet somewhere last year to put a tablespoon of vinegar in a gallon of water to and give it to your dog as his daily water.  It doesn't flavor the water, I tasted before giving it to mine.  I gave it to my mini schnauzer all last summer and he never had a flea.  Try it.  :)

Diatomaceous Earth.

Here's a link that may help.  I don't think the Ozark Coop goes into AZ, but you should be able to find the product from another supplier. Or they may ship.  It's good stuff with lots more uses than listed.


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