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I haven't gone to quite the extreme that you have, but I'm getting started.

I built a raised bed this spring and planted more than I needed (tomatoes, peppers, lima beans, and corn) - I'm freezing and canning the surplus for later use.
I intend to add another raised bed (or 2) next spring.

I've also bought some vegetables and fruit at local fruit stands while they are in season and have frozen that for later use.

I got a great deal on a huge basket of peaches - ate a few, froze some and made several jars of peach jam.

I've put the word out locally - I'll accept anyone's surplus produce.  You would be surprised how many people give away tomatoes, zucchini, corn, etc.  because they have too much and don't want to go to the trouble of preserving it.

Every little bit helps!

WOW!  You are serious and how cool to have pulled this off.  I believe everybody is going to need to be growing food not only for the price but also because of the shortages.  With the bees and bats dying off, it gets pretty weird.

Do you have photos online of your project that you could post a link to?  We all need to be interested in gardening again.  It feeds the soul too :-)

Thanks for sharing your story and for joining the forum!


Hello everyone:

In the interest of getting rid of the grocery bill, I have begun to get very serious about vegetable gardening.

Last fall I converted a small shop into a greenhouse.  This is a wood structure that required some bracing and lots of white paint.

Also late last year I made a long and deep double raised bed and built a greenhouse from scratch on top of the sunken walkway and beds.  This structure is made from chain link fence top rail in a standard house configuration with 2 by 4 ends.

This spring I began construction on the third greenhouse for fruits and vegetables, also made of chain link fence top rail.  This structure is a quonset hut style with 2 by 4 ends.

My intention is to get rid of the produce bill and feed us all year long by canning, freezing and drying what we don't eat fresh.  We are also going to grow and harvest during the off season (late fall through early spring), with little or no additional heat in the greenhouses.

Is anyone else this gung-ho about avoiding the high price of produce and becoming more independent?  I'm know to be excessive, but there are probably others that are interested in how they can do something similar with a minimal investment of money.

Sorry about the centering of text.  My buttons don't work.  Beginners luck I suppose.



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