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The tomatoe juice does work on being sprayed. I work in an Animal Hospital and we use it on a regular basis during the summer months.

I unfortunately have had to do this treatment about a month ago. It worked decently. I think it depends on how bad your dog gets sprayed. ›Mine got it full on, straight in the face, burns on his muzzle. I could not believe skunk spray could burn. ›It got most of it off, but he still has the aroma.  I had also bought some deskunking shampoo, but its still there. I say this solution works decently. It got the smell off of me. and my poodle that just got a slight misting.

For those of you that want to fade those freckles or age spots on your hands, it faded my freckles. ›I had bathed rufus in this solution over and over for about 45 minutes. I was surprised to notice the next day my hands looked different. My dog had to were a cone for over a week so he would not irritate the burns around his mouth and nose. A little over a week later his scabs were coming off.

Hello,  I am new here and want to share something I found on the internet this Sunday night.  After my 2 Australian Queensland Heelers (Blue Heelers), came back from their nightly run, They got skunked.  I did a quick search on the PC and found this site that was great  The recipe and directions are quick and easier than some of the other treatments I have tried.  When I was finished, I was the only one stinking.  I like the cost of this treatment too :P.


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