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any help for staying regular?


The herbs in Intestinal Soothe and Build are not ones that are of concern for long-term use.  If they were, it would say so on the information.  People with this type of problem need a long-term product.

Robin's suggestion of Silver Shield is a GREAT one since it attacks the bugs that are linked to the IBS problem. 

I'd also recommend daily use of Aloe Vera and Silver Shield.

Is Intestinal/Soothe & Build (formerly UC3-J) able to be used long term?
It didnt state when I clicked on it, the other one said to use 7-10 days.

You might be attracted to one of these more gentle herbal formulas to help keep things moving without a strong laxative:

I have IBS since the late 80's and til recently have it under control but a few small changes in my diet, which I still do. However now I face regular bouts of constipation and prefer to deal with this issue naturally, all suggestions appreciated.


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