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Also  I forgot to tell you that, the bubble wrap can act as an economical  as to  use on Window(s) that you want to have a  " Privacy  Window"  you would not have to buy  those fancy types in catalogs, it will save you money. 

  I just found this online yesterday, but I was not looking for this information.  So I clicked on the website.  How to recycle bubble wrap,  but the "author"  of this website told that one could go to furniture stores, or where ever and get FREE  Bubble Wrap.  He suggested that the "medium" &  " large" would be more suitable.  Suitable for what?  For insulating  your " windows". There are many old homes in this country, using the " storm- windows", which does not adequately provide the extra  insulation one needs.  So this is what you do.  Measure your window with the bubble wrap,  cut it to "size"  then take a Spray bottle put plain water in it  and  "Spray"  the bubble side. when that is wet, take the "bubble" side and press it against the window.  I will stay there  just PEFECTLY.  You will still have "light"  flowing through and IF you want " additional"  Insulation, just  cut out another  and do the same  instructions as above.  the Bubble side facing.  The light will come through but  looking out will come  very fuzzy. It will come off easy.  and you will be able to use these for years.  You can buy BUBBLE WRAP from  stores and  garden supplies.  They use bubble wrap for insulation for " green houses".  I hope this has helped many people at the forums!


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