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Halloween Treats


Since we are all trying to save money and want healthier treats for our Trick or Treaters..........I am doing the following this year in place of candy bars:

I am giving out envelopes of Hot Chocolate.  I need 40 treats.  So I purchased 4 boxes of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate for .99 a box.  Each box has 10 envelpes of
hot chocolate.  For less than $4.00 I have my 40 treats.
You could use halloween stickers to make them more festive. However,                     I searched on Google images for a cute 3 x 3 halloween image.  I found a cute
ghost, jumping out of a bag.  I ran off one copy of the image.  Then I ran off
another and had two up.  On the two, I used a fine tip orange marker to print
HOT CHOCOLATE  in the middle of the ghost.  I cut the two ghost out, ran a
copy, cut out ran four up etc. until I had eight ghost on the page.  I copied 5
copies and now I have 40 ghost to cut out.  Now glue each ghost to the front
of each envelope of hot chocolate, making a cute, healty treat for the little ones.

I had my GrandChildren glue the ghost on each envelope for family craft fun time.


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