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Get rid of mice cheap, fast and easy with a homemade trap.

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I didn't know about the bucket idea.  That's cool!  We actually found a dead mouse in a bucket in our garage one year.  It was an empty bucket but it was one we used to haul sunflower seeds around to the feeders, so the smell must have attracted it.  The poor thing!  I felt so bad.  We stored it upside down after that.

If you're going to try mint, an option would be to use an AromaBall that plugs into the wall.  You can put a few drops of peppermint essential oil on it and that would act as a "deodorizer" for the space.  You would need to replenish it maybe daily, but it also gives a fresh smell to the rooms and it's got properties that keep you awake and alert too ... so don't use it in a bedroom for sleeping.

AromaBalls can be purchased at this website:

You can get peppermint oil there also that's really strong:

I have a real fear of mice. I know it is irrational but I do. Homemade mousetraps can be very easy to put together and they don't need to kill the critters. You need a very large plastic bucket and you need to construct some dodgy steps leading up to the bucket. Smear something like peanut butter inside the rim to act as bait. The mice will tumble into the bucket and you can let them free. Make sure that you take them at least a quarter of amile away from your home.

You don't want them back so make sure you cut off all food supplies. Clean behind cookers and down settees and armchairs. Think about planting mint in and around the home. Mice hate mint.Or soak peppermint oil in cotton and place them around the home.

I had mice for thirteen years, in a new house. Everyone had the same comments about "you'll never figure out how they are getting in, they get in holes as small as a dime," and "get a cat" (my dog wouldn't abide this) and "I'll exterminate them with poison and come back whenever you need me to"... I had to get a new stove, because the old one stank with mice. All our stored items in the basement were marked with signs of the mice. It was so depressing not to own our space.

Then finally I found people who were smarter than the mice!! came and they looked around. Matt climbed into the window well and he spotted little grease signs on the window and a bit of insulation--little signs that that was where the mice were entering. He identified one small breach in the otherwise well-made house. He blocked it off, we trapped the several mice who were thus trapped in the house and alas, a year later, still no sign of the mice. I have my house back! Kudos to the Batguys.

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We had mice living under our wooden deck in the backyard. I had read to get a bottle of peppermint oil(found in a natural foodstore), and put some on some cottonballs.I slipped about 20 between the wooden slats and bingo, haven't seen them in over a year.  Jack

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Call me a bleeding-heart, but I respect all life whether I'm fond of it or not.  And if you've ever looked at those darling dark black eyes of a mouse only 6 inches away, you will find it hard not to be fond of them.

Here's some options to deal with unwanted mice without the killing:

Here's a video to make your own from a soda bottle:


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