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Get rid of mice cheap, fast and easy with a homemade trap.

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I looked through the recent topics and saw nothing about mice or mouse traps, yet they are often a problem in the house, barn, garage, and even in a vehicle.

Here is an easy mouse trap you can build in less than one hour, from common materials, that will keep catching mice all day and all night, and it doesn't have to be reset. Just empty the trap every now and then.

Best of all, it costs almost nothing, it's very effective, and there are no poisons involved.

I build these to keep mice out of my seedlings in the spring, and I've used these traps indoors as well. The web page provides clear instructions, pictures and a diagram. I used to have mice problems, but now they have a problem. Their family reunions have had severe attendance shortages of late.

I set this trap in my shop and caught 15 mice in one night. You'll have great luck with it too.



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