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Hmmmm....probably about 2 tablespoons per cup maybe?  Season to taste maybe? LOL!  I don't make it very thick because I don't want it to leave my hair feeling/looking oily.  But I'll bet it is about 2 TB per cup.  Hope that helps!

More great ideas...thank you!!!

KathyDebby, I have a question for you.  How much conditioner do you put in a cup of water for your spray bottle?

I used the hand lotion idea at work today and it did help!

I think we're all going to benefit from the great ideas on this board.


I use a bit of hand cream on my hair whie it is still damp.  I comb it through then let my hair air dry.  I wouldn't use petroleum jelly as it would seem very dificult to remove it.  I know of one lady who puts olive oil on her ends at night then covers them with a small plastic bag.  I think she does it weekly.  I have combed oilve oil into my hair then covered it with a shower cap (or a plastic bag).  Next I warm a damp towel and cover my head then I put another one on top to retain the heat.  I let it sit for up to 2 hours then I wash my hair and condition it.  I do this about every 1-2 weeks for at least 20-30 minutes.  It will take a few washes to remove the olive oil.  I do this for deep conditioning.  The hand cream works all year long on my fly away hair.  I have medium length curly hair.

I wear my hair short but it is baby fine and tends to be dry in the winter.  Sometimes the static is so severe that it looks like I have a tall crew-cut.  :D
I use pure clear Aloe gell.  It can usually be found in the skin care products.  I put it on while my hair is still wet and comb it through.  Be sure not to use too much if you try this.  It only takes a little and too much will make your hair stiff.

Thanks for the great suggestions!  Will give them a try.

Ohiolor  :)


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