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Removing acrylic paint from colored cotton clothes


I found information on this website also.  You need to search from the home page and it will give you everything that is on the website AND the forum:

Here's a few tips I picked up online:

My daughter got white acrylic paint on her purple tank top. I sprayed it with hair spray and rubbed it with a small brush and IT WORKED.

I just removed dried acrylic paint from a freshly modified (2 hours work) camp uniform t-shirt using nail polish remover (scrub/rinse), followed by hairspray (scrub/rinse), followed by Goo Gone (scrub/rinse), followed by SIMPLE GREEN (that was the magic ingredient...No scrub/rinse required). Thank you, Simple Green! It's all clean! Hooray!

Hairspray (extra hold) and pinesol really did the trick.

Hairspray seemed to be most mentioned at various places online.

How do you remove orange acrylic paint from colored cotton clothes without discoloration.

Thank you!


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