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Getting Red Dye Out of Clothing

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Just a word of warning -- the color removers REALLY remove the color from clothing. I turned a whole load of good clothes light blue after washing them with a navy sweater.  I soaked them, rewashed them, and finally used the color remover. The problem was the color remover removed all the color from EVERYTHING and now the clothes are all a dusky gray. Sometimes it is best to cut your losses and make do. I imagine lots of men and boys are wearing light pink undies -- I know the guys around here are!  :D

ruth aldridge:
Rit Dye Company has a product for getting colors out before you dye.  This might work.  Good luck 8)

I recently washed my husbands favorite shirts with a red cotton sweater.  Needless to say everything has turned pink and red.  I haven't dried these clothes yet, they are still soaking in plain water in my washer.  I really need to know how to get the red dye out of these clothes or I might be on my way to divorce court.  Can anyone help me  :'(


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