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suet for birds


I have never cooked the shells, but I recently saw an item on Frugal Life about cooking the shells.  Can't find the tip now.  The Feed the Birds book by Helen & apples Witty says to rinse out the shells of freshly broken eggs, scrape out remanants from the shells of soft-boiled eggs and rinse them; peelings of hard-boiled eggs are ok as is.   Hope you enjoy making suet as much as I do.  What is your recipe?

Thanks.  Do you have to cook (boil) the shells first?  I have heard that uncooked egg shells can be harmful.  Is that true?

You can also use egg shells in your home-made suet for the birds.  Just
>>> crush it up real well.  The calcium is especially important for them
> during
>>> breeding times.


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