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I checked again and yes, they did say 100% oil.  I am going to look into the diatomaceous earth for my yard.  Thanks!   I spoke to my neighbor and she also said she can't even go out in her yard
at night!  yikes!!! 

I have to say cleaning the gutters has helped....

Thanks again for your help on this... Tee

Did you get oils that were 100% pure essential oil?  Some brands combine other oils or use synthetic ingredients and there's no potency in them - just artificial smell.  We've been using these for many many years and they've always been effective for us.

You can use diatomaceous earth for the yard.  Before we put carpeting down on the screened porch, we would use a seed spreader to "blow" it under the porch every year in the Spring.  It worked all summer long since it didn't get wet under there.,152,93.aspx

I have a friend that uses Garlic Barrier in her yard:

Hi again.... Well i spent a few $$ on essential oil's and still they are getting me... My husband is
 getting bit now so, i feel a little better  (hee hee). 

We have  cleaned the gutters and i did call the town to have them clean the storm drain in front of our house.  They did come the next day and did clean the draint out!  I think this is going to be a bad year for us and  no seeum's and  i'm sure mosquitoes too...

The only thing that seem to help me is the fan on low...

Regarding the yard i can only think at this point that a chemical sray is my only option....

Thanks again for all your help... the essential oils do made the rooms smell nice!!!  hee hee

You are welcome.  Please DO let us know how it works out! 

Thank you Thank you Thank you... I can't wait to go to my Health Store tomorrow and
get some of these oils... thanks again for taking the time to write me... I'll let you know
how it works out in a couple of weeks.  thanks again... T.


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