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You might try spraying with an essential oil spray.  Geranium is one known to keep away mosquitoes, fleas, etc.  Info here:

You could also use a plug-in atomizer if you've got a plug beneath or beside the window.  The scent should repel them from wanting to come in.  I use AromaBalls around our house for various tasks that I use essential oils for:

I love all the options of what EO's can do.  You can find more things to use them for here:

We've been able to eliminate chemical products from our home by using essential oils (EOs).  They are so antimicrobial that I make all my cleaners with them and Sunshine Concentrate:

Hope that helps.  We had no seeum's in Alabama and they can be a real pest when we were gardening.  We used EOs in aloe vera on our skin to keep our sanity.

I live in an old house and the no seeum's are getting through the screen's.  The screens are
not damaged just old.  At this point new windows are not in my future.  Does anyone know of
anything i can spray or place at the bottom of my window to keep the no seeum's at bay?
Getting eaten alive  :'(


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