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10yr old outdoor cat coming inside because of cancer and amputation


I think talking to a behaviorist is definitely a good idea...poor kitty has had a rough time for sure.

There's a gal in our county who is excellent with behavior problems of cats and dogs (and other pets too).  Here's a page of her website with various topics:

You can also email her from there with the info you posted on the forum and she'll reply.  Be sure to put something in the subject line that will grab her attention since so much email is dumped into the junk mail folder these days.

Interesting it's always a hard surface -- like there's a reluctance to do any digging at all.  Maybe because of sensitive feet?  Cats are very interesting.  We love them.  Report back to us all so you can be an encouragement to others when you get the GREAT SUCCESS you're hoping for!!  :)

I don't believe this cat has ever used a litter box. He has spent equal time indoors and outdoors with the other cats (2, now 1), and there are multiple boxes. Thus, he was relegated to be the outside cat, weather permitting. His preferred areas for depositing feces are adjacent to litter boxes and in human lavatories, all hard surfaces. When outdoors he would defecate on the concrete surface in the garage if the door was open at the appropriate time. Now the poor dude is missing a hind leg and he needs to be indoors. Any advice please. How can I induce him to use the box?


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