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Laundry room re-do

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My laundry room is really small.  Its long and narrow with no window.  When I decided to decorate my house with a Tuscan decor a few years ago, I decided to paint the laundry room a sunflower yellow color.  It's an orangy-yellow.  It really brightened up the room!  Since the metal shelf that runs along the top of the washer and dryer is hung very high so it can be used to hang clothes, I decided to put a baker's rack on the other wall to have easy access to laundry detergent, my iron, fabric softener and all those things. I also have a roll out cart between the washer and dryer.
 On the short wall at the end of the room I hung a metal sunburst (from the dollar store). Beneath that is a wooden rack with knobs that I painted a few shades darker than the wall.  I found a tapestry tote bag at a thrift store that is a dull red/sunflower colors  and hung that on the rack.   I took the antique washboard that was hanging on the wall from when the house was done in a country look and modge-podged a picture of the Italian countryside into the part at the top that had advertising on it.  I found this picture at a thrift store and cut it to fit the washboard and then decoupaged it on there.  The picture  has the sunflower color and a sort of faded red color in it too.
 I used to have lots of baskets on top of the rack over the washer and dryer including one with silk sunflowers in it, but I recently got tired of that and decided to put all my picnic items on that shelf.  I have two cute wicker picnic baskets with the red and white lining showing (found at a thrift shop, of course!) and an old fashioned metal plaid round picnic cooler, and a blue and red small quilt for picnics on the shelf now. They had been sitting on my pantry floor and I wanted to get them out where I could see them.   I love it because I go through my laundry room to get to the garage all the time and I feel like I'm living in a lake house , just ready to go on a picnic at any time. 


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