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I also use the binder with protector sheets.  I found old cooking magazines at a yard sale for 10 cents apiece, when I got them home my husband and I went through them and picked out the recipes we liked and I used my copier to copy off the pages they were on.  Now I can resale the magazines at my yard sale.  It was easier than hand writting or typing them into the computer until we are sure we will like them.

Good idea.  I sort of do a variation of the theme, which is to find recipes on the internet and then copy and paste the text into Palm Desktop (a free software program).  I then sync it to my old Palm M100 handheld device (these things go for like $20 nowadays on eBay--cheaper than a one of those paper life planners now--and the advantage is you can sync stuff with your computer so if you lose it, your data is still on your computer!)  

Then when I go to the grocery store, I just bring the handheld device in my pocket (about the size of a thick wallet) and have a few dozen recipes I can look up right there and then. (the "find" feature is really handy for this)  When I am back in the kitchen, I just put my laptop in a safe spot on the counter, and refer to that while cooking.

I agree, I do this too. I have thought about putting
a cookbook together and have it bound to sell and give as gifts.

HI for the recipes I find on the internet, I copy and paste the text only (saves on ink) to my "word" program.  I enlarge the text, then I print it, and place it in a page protector, and a three ring binder. When I need to use one of the recipes, I pop it out and tape it to the cabinet just above my cooking area, keeps it out of the way, eye level and it's washable.  This is a great gift idea for newlyweds, or people just starting out.
I read somewhere, you can use a wooden pant hanger and hand the recipe over a cabinet knob (haven't tried that one)


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