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It's hard to introduce a new cat into a household .. espec. depending on personalities ... and they've got them just like people do.  It would be good to allow her separate space before 'forcing' her to fit in with the group.  She's got a whole world of adapting to do ... from the home, to the people, to the pets and the furniture, the smells, the sounds, etc.

It's like an orphan coming into a new home with siblings ... it's good to give them a space of their own till they adjust.  Here's a link to a site that has a great animal behavior speapplest.  A local contact for me.  I hope you find more good tips there.  Keep us posted how well it goes.  And give that kitty a hug for me.

 Hi, I just got a new cat and she seems scared because he is hissing
and meowing meanly to the other cats and won't let them smell her and
she won't use the litter box we have out for the other cats we bring
her to the litter box but she just hisses and runs away, and she
won't use the other cats dishes we had to put a food and water dishes
by her because she wont come out of her hiding space. What should i


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