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There are so many types of mangos so who knows if they grow one that will work in CT.  Cultivars are absolutely incredible these days.  A website that has a lot of gardening info and forums too for your area is

Searching there in your area may help you find somebody else that has tried it or has such a plant.

 I live in Norwalk , Connecticut.. I managed to grow a Mango Plant. It is now about 7 months old and about 6 inches high. I have been trying to keep the soil its in (the pot) moist and water it once every 6 days. But I have no idea why a couple of the leaves start to dry up. Is it possible that I may be giving it too much water. Also, I keep this potted plant in my back porch which is also warm like the rest of the house. I am told that this area of the north east of CT is too cold to grow mangoes outside. As this plant grows I intend to transfer it into a larger pot and keep it inside.

I like to hear your thoughts. Thank you...


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