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Cleaning Pampered Chef Stones

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Just a mom:
Another great tip. If your stone is ever just too disgusting for standard cleaning (someone mentioned yard sales), you can put it in your oven and run the self-cleaning mode, and your stone will come out as though it were brand new!  Of course, this does eliminate the seasoning of the stone, but if something is so baked on or sticky with burnt grease that you can't imagine using it ever again, then it is worth it.

Great tip I just had to clean mine after reading that.  I am guilty of using a little soap once in a while.  I love cleaning with baking soda and vinager

What a great tip!  Also if somone forgets and uses soap, cleaning  stones with baking soda is supposed to remove the icky residue taste.   Debby

Thanks for the vinegar, baking soda cleaning for stones. I have used dish detergent and water on our pie stone. Didn't honestly know.  My daughter received it as a gift.  Now I know better.

You know just today, I was wondering about that. I believe the pizza type of stones are what you are talking about right.  I was baking a sweet pototoe today and noticed it was dripping on it. I was thinking how am I going to clean that thing. well now I know. Thank you.


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