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I have a similar problem in my detached garage.  I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get that smell out of clothing that has been stored there.  Even after washing in regular detergent the smell remains.  Help!

Me again.

If the smell is from dampness, dry the basement up.

A dehumidifier is not expensive. You have to empty it when it is full of water or it will stop running. The water is soft like rainwater and great for watering plants. We empty our dehumidifier into a watering can.

If the dampness is due to foundation problems, those need to be fixed. The ultimate solution is to dig all the way around the house and fill in with pea gravel next to the basement walls. That's not for the faint-hearted either; we got another estimate of $10,000 to shore up sagging basement walls and put the pea gravel all around the outer walls.

It would help if you would say what kind of smell it is, and where you think it is coming from. You said you poured water; is it coming from the drain or the sump pump well?

I have talked to contractors about a house (thank goodness I don't live in it!) that reeks of mold, cigarette smoke and cat urine. The contractors say they would remove everything, wash everything with Super Clorox (whatever that is), and paint over wood subfloors with Kilz. If there is carpet it must come out. Wallboard may need to come out, though I would check if it is possible to paint that with Kilz.

Mold is a big deal. There are liability issues with some kinds of black mold, you have to disclose it to a buyer. Some kinds of black mold are dangerous though that's controversial. You could have a professional test to find out what kind you have.

There are professional mold removal companies. I got a rough estimate of $10,000 to treat the mold in this house.

If the smell is like stagnant water, I'd keep pouring Clorox down that drain.

i can't remember what site i got this tip from but i tried it and it works great.  :)

take an onion and cut it in half and put half in your basement. i put half on one side and half on the other. leave it for 24 hrs. and if you can stand the smell of the onion it will take away all the yuk smells.

it really worked. my basement had a funk to it that i couldn't get rid of no matter what i tried, but this worked. i left it down there for about 3 days and it's been about 3 months since then and it still doesn't smell.

Is there a vent down there that needs water?
Is there a crack in a waste pipe?
Is this a problem that just came up or has it been smelly forever?


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