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After determining where the moisture is coming from (and it is probably stale or stagnate moisture causing the odor), I'd check to see where the odor itself is coming from - boxes stored in basement, or something that has died or spoiled down there.  :-[  
Then, use clorox or some other good disinfectant liberally - and ventelate the basement for a day or two.  Sometimes a small fan in the basement window will help.  We used this not long ago at a house we have been reclaiming, and it worked!

Beccie Forbes:
About the smelly basement/house--try putting coffee beans in a spare can with no lid to be left in your basement and in hide away places on the other floors. Good luck.

Baking Soda.......

If you have some small containers, such a small margarine bowls, fill them about half full of baking soda and place them all around the area.  The bigger the area, the more bowls you'll need to use.  Replace the baking soda every two to three days or as needed, until the odor is gone.

You'll also need to find the source of the odor, because as much as the baking soda will remove it, it'll just keep coming back until the source is removed or corrected.

Hope this helps.....

Cindy    :) :) :)

Caroline Infield:
Try setting cups or bowls of fresh not cooked coffee grounds all over your house  be careful if you have pets or kids   place there were they can not get to them  this helps a lot

If the smell is mold then yes. ›If it's something else then maybe it is harmful. ›Burning candles can be harmful depending on what is in the candle that creates the nice smell. ›Check the web on what is harmful in a candle. ›If you can't determine what the smell is then call your local health hotline. Maybe someone there will be able to identify the odor. ›Or maybe someone who seals basements so water doesn't get in might be able to help. ›


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