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This isn't on the subject of razors, but about shaving cream:  I've often been guilty of buying conditioners that just do wacky things to my hair, like leave it too dry, or whatever the case, and then I have no idea what to do with them.  And, a couple months ago I switched to entirely paraben-free body lotions, so I literally have a bathroom cabinet full of:  shaving cream!  You can use lotion or conditioner as shaving cream and, in fact, in my latest in-shower experiment, the leg I shaved with an old bottle of Dove bronzing lotion had fewer nicks than the one to which I applied traditional shaving gel.  
Sometimes you'll even get a better 'price per unit' if you buy a huge bottle of lotion or conditioner that is really, really marked down at somewhere like Big Lots.  

I used to always toss away the plastic safety covers that are on razors, but I eventually realized they really do prolong the life of the razor, probably by keeping moisture and/or bacteria off the blades between shaves.

Environmental note:  I know that Gilette multi-packs are a lot cheaper than Venus or Soleil razors with replaceable blades, but I really believe in being able to buy blade replacements.  Also, the brand Preserve, sold at Whole Foods, mades recylable razors -- you just snap off the blade and recycle the handle.  And, of course, you can buy blade replacements -- in fact they just came out with a triple blade razor.  

This sounds a little wierd, but putting the razor in a little cup of vegetable oil between uses will prolong its life.

Ok I'm gonna answer my own post !!!! I have been reading some other web sites and one that i have found is drying your blade after every use. I sort of tapped it to get the excess water off and that was it. It does seem to prolong but not a whole lot but some is better then none. Also have heard that if cool water is used instead of hot it helps also.

Any of you have any tips on prolonging the life of a razor blade??? Seems like I buy lots of them and wondered if anyone had any tricks they could share.


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