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Home made curtain rods


I've seen curtain rods and towel racks made out of driftwood and sometimes grape vines.. In a western decorated house they looked just right.


When I wanted  to hang a vintage fabric panel in the corner of my family room,  I used hollow copper tubing that can be found in the plumbing department of Home Depot or other big box store.  You will also need a bending kit which shoud be around ten dollars.  I think I paid four dollars for a length of tubing.  I left the ends open, because I liked the look, but you could use wood plugs or some sort of finial if you want a more finished look.

I have had this up for a few years now and it still looks good!

Hope this helps!

Does anyone have an idea for homemade curtain rods for a bay window?  They have to be hung from the ceiling part of the bay.


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