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What kind of ants do you have?  Carpenter ants help breakdown dying trees.  Sugar ants like to invade your house.  I use diatamacous earth outside and you can also use cayenne pepper if they are entering your kitchen someplace.

I am also having a major ant problem. I have read all of the great information on the site. I tried the cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, cayenne and black pepper but these ants are troopers and they just filed over the mounds one by one. However the vinegar did stop them in their tracks, well at least for now.

The problem I am having is that I live in a craftsman house with a crawl space. I am temporarly able to stop the ants at one entrance but they just find another way in, then another, then another. I just can't keep up with them, they are inside the walls and under the house which I have no access to.

Please help. I am off for vacation in 48 hours so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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We have lots of suggestions for ants at

Hope that helps!

Randal, Editor

I can sympathize.  Sounds like you live in a sandy area. THIS SUGGESTION IS NOT - REPEAT NOT - CHILD OR ANIMAL SAFE, but you may want to try a Green Cross products called Ant-b-gone.  Put a few drops on a small plastic or metal square or disc of somekind (a cut-out from a foil pie plate for example) and put it close to the ant hill and ant trails.  The ants love this sticky liquid, get it on their feet and take it back to the main nest.
YOU WILL NEED TO EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN to stay away from these baits.  That is the downside, but the upside is that it should work this Spring and you'll have a clean yard for Summer.  Good luck.

Steven Eckwielen:
There is a website that I found that offers stream-freindly lawn care tips... on this site there is a recipe for organic insect control....  :)


under "I want to to my part" click on "Clean Water Starts at Your Home"

them clink on "Stream-Friendly Home and Yard Care"

on the bottom of the page are some great recipes..

Using tobacco for pest repelant works great... but from what I've read you do not want to use it around food..

Good Luck



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