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Hi Jeff,
My top loading washer died last summer, and I wanted to replace it with a front loader. So I purchased the washer half of  a stacking set. I LOVE it. It handles large loads ( be sure to get the standard size, not apartment size) clothes get cleaner, using less detergent & water.
blessings, Joy

These are available full sized.  I had a friend with a large family who bought 2 sets of these, as they fit in the same space as one each of the conventional type.

Stackable washer and dryers can really be a lifesaver when it comes to space.  But watch out!  You still want a full-size washer and dryer.  I had a stacking w/d in an apartment, and I had to run a load of wash *every day* to keep up with a 2-person washload.  The energy bills noticably increased because the small w/d unit wasn't nearly as efficient as a full-size set.  I recommend staying away from the decreased-size washer/dryer units.

Also beware of the inital cost.  These units usually cost more for the convenience of stacking them.  Sometimes the cost is definitely worth it, sometimes it isn't.  Consider a traditional unit, and then perhaps installing some cabinetry overhead for storage if space is a problem.

Good luck!


My wife and I are moving to a new house.
We were thinking of getting a stackable washer and dryer instead stand alone machines.

Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.

Jeff :)


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