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Mice in cars - especially stored cars


Nancy Powell:
I use a product called RAMIK Green.  It is little green balls that I use in my home.  It is manufactured for HACO Inc. PO Box 7190, Madison, WI 53707.  I get it at my local hardware store.  

It is the best thing I have ever found for mice.  When I see one of the little critters (or their trail) I start putting the RAMIK until I don't see any evidence of them.

Cover the car with something that will keep the mice out.  Would plastic be harmful to the car?  Maybe you could get some cloth lined with metal so that they can't chew through.  Make sure you put a thick layer of material under the metal to protect the car from scratches.  Or just cover some material with very thin metal wire.  Thought they can probably get through that. Ask a company that stores vehicles for a living what they use to keep mice out of their cars.

Forum Admin:

Have you looked at our page at

This page has several ideas on getting rid of mice. ŬIf you need more let me know.

Randal, Editor

Other than mothballs and so-called electronic mouse repellants, does anyone have any tried-and-true methods of keeping mice out of vehicles in storage?  We set traps, etc. in the area, but the pesky creatures keep getting into the cars, using headliners, seats, etc. for nesting purposes. We store the vehicles in a driveshed so can't mouseproof the building, but we want to mouseproof the cars.  Help?


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