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I have to agree with Christy on this one. Now, I am the frugal, nature-loving, earth-mama queen, but Prozac & thyroid is the only thing that works for me.  St. John's Wort did not. I have dealt with clinical, chronic depression for over 30 years.  My life is not that bad, but unfortunately my genes are.  I am all for finding as much happiness & beauty in your life as can be found, but if that's not enough, take a pill if it will save your life.

Depression is a serious illness for some but not most people.  Try to be happy and enjoy life before accepting pills as the way to solve your problems.  Remember that it isn't natural to take pills to solve depression so try the milk and do activities to enjoy life.  Try the natural solutions first.  Years ago we didn't have all those pills and people didn't try to kill themselves that often.  We might have more attempts today because of the pressure we put on ourselves.  So try removing the presure from your life.  That may be all you need.  If not then maybe a pill might help but use them as a last resort.  Remember pills aren't natural and drug companies are out to make money so they will be more likely to prescribe a pill over a glass of milk.

Christine Anderson:
Life is too short to let any of it be stolen by depression, so I'm a big advocate of doing whatever you need to do to get rid of it.  

You want natural?  Depression is natural.  So is pneumonia.  That doesn't mean you should pretend they don't matter, or that taking a pill to feel better is a bad thing to do.  

I haven't heard of anything other than St. John's Wort to deal with depression naturally -- and believe me, I've done the research.  

What they say about antidepressants is true -- everyone reacts to them differently, so what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another.  

Calcium/magnesium has helped me sleep -- taken right before bedtime.  (The magnesium is important for the absorption of the calcium.)  

5HTP helps some people sleep.  I took it and it was wonderful for about a week and then it seemed to keep me awake.  So I took two and it was wonderful for one night and then it seemed to keep me awake...  I'm going to try upping the dose again, but only on nights when I don't have to work the next day.  I suspect it's not going to be helpful, ultimately; however, I have a few friends who swear by it.  

I take Wellbutrin too.  Yes, it affects my sleep some, though not as badly as at first.  

Sometimes a doctor will prescribe a tiny bit of one of the old-style antidepressants to help you sleep.  Pamelor has worked very well for me, and one other, whose name escapes me at the moment.  They're not habit-forming.  

Depression that is not chronic usually lasts 6 months to 3 years.  That at least was what the textbooks said when I was studying, which was ten years ago...  Antidepressants can speed up the process and make you feel better.  

Finally, if you're feeling suicidal, please go to an MD.    Don't mess around with a life-threatening situation, and don't pay attention to anyone who criticizes you for taking pills.  Don't risk your life because of people who want you to take vitamins and exercise or look on the bright side.  Depression is a serious illness.  


St John's Wort has been said to be a natural (herbal) antidepressant.  My way of getting out of depression has been to get busy, talk out my problems and then find something to be happy about. I have taken pills but it wasn't natural.  Too many times pills are given and all you need to do is find a natural high.  I know a lot of you are going to say that isn't true but I was in a very depressed state for a while.  I finally realized that I needed to enjoy life and stop being down all the time.  Try looking at the glass as half full (not half empty).  I took St John's Wort for my problems.  I find something almost every day that will make me laugh.  I lost my best friend to cancer when she was 43 so don't think I haven't had problems.  I am just sick of people sayig that pills will cure you.  Being down changed some chemicals in your body so find something to be happy about and they may just change back.  Mine did.

My Husband was very depressed at one time and the doctor wanted to put him on Prozac. Instead he asked to have a physical done because he knew that his sleeping all the time and being crabby wasn't natural. He had blood work done and found he had a thyroid problem. Now after a year of adjusting his meds he is no longer depressed and sleeps like a normal person.

I know this has nothing to do with a natural form but sometimes it's something else besides depression.


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