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What are some of your frugal tips?

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I do a lot of things to stay within my means.  Often, adjusting one's lifestyle is what it takes.  Thinking about what you value, etc....

I wrote an article about Reducing Personal Expenses so you can see my ideas for freeing up more money for the things that really do matter.

Bill, this may sound funny to some people who think your measures are a little extreme but I thought your post was really inspiring!  A co-worker in CA took similar measures during the 2002 power crises, going around in his house in all of his camping gear and outfitting each bed in the house with a down comforter (and not turning on the heat), though CA winters might be a little milder than AL ones.  Following your lead I am going to turn off all of the heat here, sleep in my 0 degree sleeping bag tonight and see how comfortable that is...

And yeah, thermal underwear is the best!!

Ok, here's where I'll really get jumped on. I live in AL
but last year my heating gas bill really jumped, even though
I only heat a few rooms and keep the rest closed off. From
what everyone says, this year will be much worse. Tonight it's supposed to go down to 23 degrees, with a high today of about 44 degrees. Now hear this: I HAVE YET TO TURN ON MY HEAT! Yep, you read correctly. Now, I know I could go out to the woods and cut up some firewood, but I'm not a country boy, so I rejected that idea. Right now I'm wearing two jackets, scarf and a knit cap and I'm quite snug. My legs are a little cold. I may have to put on the thermal underwear!
At night We have an electric blanket, so we're nice and toasty. My daughter works all day in a heated office. There
are no small children here. Yes, I know I sound crazy. What
about keeping my water from freezing? Well, I don't heat the
bathroom, so I've always had to keep the faucet dripping when it goes below 27 degrees. We use an electric space heater in there when we're taking a bath or shower. Even though we have an automatic gas water heater, I turn it WAY DOWN when we're not taking a bath. No, I certainly do NOT
recommend that any of you take these extreme measures to
keep your expenses down. You'd have to be crazy like me! It usually doesn't get REAL cold here until January. When my
face starts turning blue I'll probably change my mind. I'm
curious to see what my gas bill will be this month. Maybe $20? Let's wait and see!

I love the spirit of the free shower/save hot water tips!  Reminds me of when I was in younger and spending an inordinate amount of time in the libraries to study not so much for the peace an quiet or reference resources, but because of the free heat!

Other tips I can pass on: never buy anything over $100 brand new (usually anything over that amount, e.g., appliances, electronics, computers, gym equipment, cars, etc. can be bought used) and instead of drinking coffee/soda/or juice, drink water (it's better for you).

I'm a student, and i pay for the campus gym even though i don't work out.  I shower there though, since i've already paid for the hot water!  City pools also have public swim times where i can get a free shower.

College campuses are full of people who don't plan beyond the next exam.  At the end of every semester, there are people who need to move away, but can't take their furniture, so will give it away.

Also, volunteering at soup kitchens gets me a free lunch -  that i've worked for.


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