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What are some of your frugal tips?

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I put in floresent bulbs in our living room.
I make my own laundry soap.. buying the ingreditents when their on sale.:-)
I never buy paper towels.. p-plates or cups.
I like taking my ironstone dishes on picnics :-)
I make my own kitchen cleaners too.. really easy :-)

I turned off our old freezer too.. it was about empty anyway.. I think a new smaller one would be more effienct in the furture.

I can't think of any others right now..
I'll write more if I can think of them :-)

Follow the 3 R's  Reduce, Reuse and Redo/Recycle.  

1. Reduce waste by buyng products that are economical and use the least amount of packaging.      2. Reuse items such as wrapping paper, plastic baggies and handiwrap, aluminum foil, coffee cans for storage and tin cans to start seedlings.
3.  Redo/Recycle cards that you cut down and use as post cards, yarn that was in sweater that now is a baby's hat and gloves and other such ideas.  

I think that is what the 3 R's stand.  Am I correct?  If not what are the 3 R's? Any more ideas or suggestion?  I like this topic.  


Renee Rivard:
Was wondering what some of your frugal tips that you use in your everyday life.  I use coupons, keep my receipts and when something goes on sale I take my receipt to get the sale price, keep all lights off  when not  in the room.  Go on-line to get free items that I use and keep them when I go on vacation (personal items).  Put all my change in a change jar, take my lunch to work. Use only half a cap of laundry detergent, use cold water to wash, etc,.  I know these are just general frugal tips and have many more, but I was wondering what everyone else does to be frugal and your tips.  Thank you.


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