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What are some of your frugal tips?

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My tip follows on the heels of the tip in this months newsletter. The woman in the newsletter transfers money into her savings account whenever her husband goes out to lunch or for a drink after work.
My husband just loves those scratch off lottery tickets, and most of the time he has good success so he can play off the winnings; but not always. So whenever he uses fresh cash to buy those tickets, I get ten dollars and transfer it into a vacation kitty. Along with the money I put into the fund out of my paycheck this allows us to go on a cruise ever year. I also get 10 over when I go to the grocery store and put that into the vacation fund.

The post office is where you can save a LOT of money,if
you're careful. First,in buying sure you buy
the stamps that do NOT have 39 printed on them. Why?
Because several months from now the first-class postal
                         rates are going up, BUT any stamps you have on hand can
still be used! That's right, no more going down and buying
1,2 and 3 stamps. When you're mailing books, be sure to
specify BOOK RATE. When mailing videos, DVDs or CDs,
specify MEDIA MAIL. Most other things can be sent FIRST
CLASS MAIL, unless they're quite heavy. Don't automatically
send everything PRIORITY MAIL ! It's NOT NECESSARY
and you're paying the USPS more than you need to. You may
need to make a point to tell the clerk you do NOT want it sent
priority mail. I believe the USPS has been pushing their clerks
to try to send more things priority mail. If you can,
send heavier packages by UPS(United Parcel Service).There
are more and more places that will accept UPS packages, like
grocery stores, etc. Why? UPS gives you $100 INSURANCE Free.

If you are shipping anything to someone in a shoebox, check to make sure that the top is not constructed with 'double flaps' that fold over.  You can cut off this extra cardboard.  And if it is a flip-open box, you can cut off the sides and just tape the front flap.  This might save a quarter on postage, but I guess it's worth it!

Yes, I believe that ING is offering a good rate too.
Several banks and financial insapplesutions are 'jumping on
the bandwagon' with good rates. Check in your Sunday paper
Financial/Money section. Many newspapers have charts
showing rates being paid. Don't feel you must limit
yourself to local banks, unless you're putting ALL your
savings in there. Out-Of-Town banks usually offer much
better rates on CDs. They are 100% SAFE, as they are all
FEDERALLY INSURED. Some will not give good rates on CDs in
amounts under $5000 or $10,000. If there is any doubt in
your mind, ask them! The post prior to yours....seemed to
cast doubt on putting money in HSBC Bank. That's what
FEDERALLY INSURED means. Your money is safe! I don't care
how many 'bad mortgages' a bank has. They are insured.
PayPal? I use PayPal all the time when I buy things on
eBay. It would be too easy for me to spend my savings!
Also, I notice many NEWER BANKS are offering much better
rates. Don't feel you have to use the bank down the street.
It's too easy to run over there and withdraw your money.
You're trying to SAVE your money, not draw it out every
time you see something pretty at the store!

I have a small savings account with ING.  Not sure of the rates right now,  but I do believe they are better than my credit union.  


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