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You can also use one large paper clip on the middle of the fold,or two regular paper clips 1 on each end of a tightly folded bag.
If you have nothing else take a a whole ball point pen and clip the fold on the center of the bag.

I also use clothes pins to keep the chips closed.  I have them anyways so may as well put em to use!  ;D

I got my clips at Health Fairs for free a few years ago. I know that 60 or 70 cents is not expensive but I have gotten 25 or 50 clothespins for $1.00 new. I keep a few extra in one of my drawers for when ever I need to seal a bag and my 2 clips are in use. I figure that I can spare some for that duty even if I have to buy a new bag every few years (which I haven't done in 5 or so years) it sure is nice for when I need to seal something and I don't want to use tape, a rubber band or a twist tie.  

When I was at Home Depot at the checkout there were great little mini clips for 60 or 70 cents. They are very durable (I've yet to see one break) and they hold very tightly and are the perfect chip clip size.

spring type clothes pins work too.


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