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Delicious & Nutritious Beans Make Very Thrifty Meals


We've used beans as a source of nutrition and great protein for 30 years.  I use them in spreads, dips, soups and anything I can add them to.  It really cuts the grocery budget.

I love kidney beans. Lentils are nice, but only in soup (IMHO). Very healthy too!

Looking for ways to save money  on food? Pick up a bag of dried beans for between $1-$3 or canned beans that go for anywhere from 69 cents to $1.25. Beans like navy beans,black beans, black eyed peas, pinto beans, or kidney beans, are excellent sources of protein and vitamins and are a wonderful alternative to meat. Add beans to your soups or stews, roast a butternut squash and combine with white navy beans, lots of time and sage and toss with pasta, or add some cumin and chipotle pepper to black turtle beans and serve it inside tacos or fajitas. Or, one of the yummiest, comforting winter meals around: homemade molasses baked beans and pancakes!


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