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Low-Interest Credit Cards


 ::) Don't ever get or use credit cards you say? Well, that's
true if you have NO WILL POWER or if you've already RUINED your credit.

If you have GOOD CREDIT and want a low-interest credit
card then here's the deal for you! No, it's NOT 9.9%. It's a
LOT better than that! First, let me say that I am NOT working for this company. I get NO commission from them

This is the CHASE MANHATTAN Bank and you MUST have GOOD CREDIT to get this rate. I pay only 5.9%,  IF I pay
anything, because I pay my card off every month. I'm wealthy you say? No, as a matter of fact I'm 'dirt poor'.
I've gor AAA credit but no money. How did I get such good credit? I pay my bills BEFORE the due date. Just because
I have good credit doesn't mean I buy everything in sight.
I buy my groceries, gasoline and NECESSITIES. I charge
them all and pay the bill in full at the end of the month.
You can pay off higher interest rate cards through them.

OK, heres's the info. IF YOU HAVE GOOD CREDIT, call:
1-800-413-5661. Tell them you want to apply for their
5.9% VISA card. Be persistant...insist that's the rate you want. THe lady who answers the phone may say she has other higher rate cards. You do NOT want them! Insist on
the 5.9% card. You CAN apply over the phone IF you have
good credit. If you don't.....well, just save your time and theirs and don't call.       ;D


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