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Pesky Blackberries

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Blackberries are excellent medicine plants for stomach cramps, or intestinal cramps, for example. I use a  couple of leaves to a half cup of water and take for this purpose.  So, they do have some excellent uses.

I think that your wildlife would love them....I would say since they get wild looking, you would want to put them where it isn't so important that it be neatly trimmed.  My parents put them in just for the wildlife and they have really enjoyed watching the birds and squirrels enjoy them.

My husband and I are about to plant a hedge row of blackberries....reading this post has made me a little nervous.  Are they a problem?

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We had a small area right off the stoop to our pedestrian door at the garage that grew a bunch of different stuff.  We don't use chemicals and I got weary of pulling every few days.  I dumped salt over a 3x3 area and it took care of it.  That was two years ago and it's still not growing anything there.  We have mulch over it, as we did before, and nothing is coming through for a bit over two years.

The birds in my property would love to have those blackberries!


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